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Half & Quarter Century Members

Jimmy Gamblin and Denton Scott Reach the 50-Year Mark as PGA Members

July 2022

Jimmy Gamblin, PGA was born and raised in Meridian, MS. He grew up playing golf at Northwood Country Club under golf professional Ira C. “Bill” Davis. Gamblin graduated from Meridian High School in 1963 where he played on the golf team, winning the MS State Championship. He continued his education at Meridian Community College and the University of Mississippi where he was a member of the Ole Miss golf team and the Mississippi Intercollegiate Championship winner. After graduating in 1968 he became the assistant professional at Northwood CC under Bill Davis. Jimmy became the head professional at Briarwood Country Club in Meridian, MS from 1970-1977 and the head pro at Northwood CC from 1977 until his retirement in 2013.

Jimmy’s focus and motivation have always been his junior golfers. Inspired by his mentor, Bill Davis, Gamblin always wanted to be the same kind of positive influence on the lives of his juniors that Bill was to him. His passion for teaching and supporting youth resulted in the growth of many new opportunities for juniors to learn and develop their game. This later included his involvement in establishing the Meridian Junior Golf Association and First Tee Meridian. He was awarded the Robbie Webb Award for outstanding support of junior golf, served as Vice President of the Mississippi Chapter of the Gulf States PGA, and was inducted into the Gulf States PGA Hall of Fame in 2016. He has been a friend and mentor to junior golfers across the state of Mississippi, believing that his greatest achievement was all the junior golfers who went on to play golf at the college level, became PGA members, and simply lived out their love for the game.

Denton Scott, PGA was born in Quitman, MS, but spent most of his youth in Columbia, MS. He graduated from Columbia High School where he played football, basketball, baseball, golf, and ran track. Following high school, he attended Mississippi State University, where, as a freshman, he was on the basketball and golf teams. He later lettered three years in varsity golf. Upon graduation, he coached football, basketball, and track in Columbia and served as the Club Professional at the Country Club of Columbia where he had grown up playing golf. 

In 1969, Denton became Head Professional and Club Manager at the Pass Christian Isles Golf Club. In 1970 he became Head Professional and later Club Manager at Hickory Hill Golf Course in Gautier, MS. After 3 years he moved to Dothan, AL where he served 7 years as Golf Professional at the Dothan Country Club. In 1980 he moved to Birmingham, AL. There, he worked at Inverness, a 1600-acre mixed-use development property owned by MetLife and managed by Taylor & Mathis, for 24 years. At Inverness, he served as Director of Golf, Club Manager, and held other responsibilities at the apartment complex and residential development. 

A highlight of Denton’s career was his involvement with the Future Masters. In his last year, there were over 700 participants from over 40 states and 10 foreign countries. This made it the largest junior tournament in the world played on one course. 

Denton Scott was awarded the PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year 3 times, Merchandiser of the Year, and several Bill Strausbaugh awards.

Congratulations Jimmy Gamblin & Denton Scott for 50 Great Years!

Half Century Members

Name: Half-Century Status Date:
James E. Gamblin Jr., PGA 2022-07-31
Denton Scott, PGA 2022-07-31
Ben Nelson, PGA 2021-12-1
Charlie Dugas, PGA 2020-12-31
Clyde W. Applewhite III, PGA 2019-09-30
Don Essig III, PGA 2017-01-31
Curley J. Romero, PGA 2016-03-31

Quarter Century Members

Name: Quarter-Century Status Date:
James T. Crawford, PGA 2022-08-31
Robyn L. Justin, PGA 2022-06-30
Christopher D. Jester, PGA 2021-11-30
Michael T. O’Brien, PGA 2021-11-30
Robert W. Pyle, PGA 2021-11-30
Rob V. McGraw, PGA 2021-10-31
John M. Kocks, PGA 2021-08-31
Wallace H. Smith III, PGA 2021-08-31
Donald J. Donohue III, PGA 2021-07-31
John E. Fassinger Jr., PGA 2021-07-31
W. Scott Buntin, PGA 2021-05-31
Larry J. Griffin, PGA 2021-03-31
Jake Narro, PGA 2021-01-31
Richard S. Walsh, PGA 2021-01-31
Gene K. Gabelmann, PGA 2020-07-31
David E. Kaspar, PGA 2020-07-31
William T Kivett, PGA 2020-06-30
Michael F. Raby, PGA 2020-06-30
Christopher T Robertson, PGA 2020-02-29
Kevin W. Michael, PGA 2020-01-31
Reginald W. Adams, PGA 2019-10-31
David E. Church, PGA 2019-10-31
Cliff Wagner, PGA 2019-10-31
Robert E. Chrestman, PGA 2019-09-30
Randy P. Stephens, PGA 2019-08-31
Devin Thomas, PGA 2019-04-30
Ronny B. Ross, PGA 2019-02-28
James B. Matheny, PGA 2018-09-30
James W. Doulin, PGA 2018-07-31
Stephen C. Christopher, PGA 2018-03-31
Leigh T. Brannan, PGA 2018-02-28
David P. Gary, PGA 2017-12-31
Robert S Hall, PGA 2017-12-31
James Dorman Jr., PGA 2017-10-31
Christopher C Burkstaller, PGA 2017-09-30
Anthony L. Luczak, PGA 2017-08-31
Susan P. Bower, PGA 2017-07-31
Gordon W. Digby, PGA 2017-05-31
Dean L. Baham Sr., PGA 2017-02-28
Kenneth R. Hughes, PGA 2017-02-28
Emlyn D. Aubrey, PGA 2017-01-31
Kelly M. Gibson 2017-01-31
David W. Toms, PGA 2017-01-31
Michael P. Barrett, PGA 2016-09-30
Randy K. Tupper, PGA 2016-09-30
John B. Harrell, PGA 2016-08-31
David S. Cowger, PGA 2016-05-31
John Anthony Price, PGA 2016-05-31
Robert Andrew Loving, PGA 2016-02-29
Danny E. Tatum, PGA 2016-02-29
Kevin L. Walls, PGA 2016-02-29
Greg G. Crain, PGA 2015-10-31
Kent B. Smith, PGA 2015-10-31
Bob E. Wolcott, PGA 2015-10-31
David P. Marchand, PGA 2015-09-30
Mark Powell, PGA 2015-07-31
Paul Theriot, PGA 2015-07-31
Mike Vivien, PGA 2015-07-31
Wayne J. Fuselier, PGA 2015-02-28
Michael Johnson, PGA 2014-12-31
Paul L. Christmann, PGA 2014-09-30
Robert C. Noel, PGA 2014-09-30
John Pielemeier, PGA 2014-09-30
Fred J. Schroeder, PGA 2014-09-30
David E. Pate, PGA 2014-08-31
Roy Jarvis, PGA 2014-07-31
Brian M. Manzella, PGA 2014-05-31
Michael B. Harris, PGA 2014-04-30
Bradley Kale, PGA 2013-12-31
Eric Kaspar, PGA 2013-04-30
Andre M. Caldwell, PGA 2013-02-28
Peter Cizdziel, PGA 2012-11-30
Alan Chasteen, PGA 2012-10-31
Carl Poche’, PGA 2012-09-30
Stanley B. Stopa, PGA 2012-08-31
James H. Moore, PGA 2012-07-31
Adrian N. DeRouen, PGA 2012-05-31
Jim Traina III, PGA 2012-02-29
Cliffton R Bailey, PGA 2012-01-31
Jerry M. Covich III, PGA 2011-10-31
James Leitz, PGA 2011-09-30
Jim T. Gallagher Jr., PGA 2011-06-30
Robert O. Brown, PGA 2010-08-31
Michael Burke, PGA 2010-03-31
Russell Fransted, PGA 2010-01-31
Ron Hickman, PGA 2009-11-30
Marvin Gray, PGA 2009-04-30
Doug Farr, PGA 2008-12-31
Paul Hjulberg, PGA 2008-06-30
Jimmy R.  Carpenter II, PGA 2008-03-31
Reed W. Hughes, PGA 2008-03-31
Greg Abadie, PGA 2007-11-30
Fred Frederickson, PGA 2007-07-31
Steve Caldwell, PGA 2006-03-31
Jerry Weeks, PGA 2005-11-30
Jimmy Gallagher, PGA 2005-08-31
Rich Fulkerson, PGA 2004-11-30
Jimmy Headrick, PGA 2004-11-30
Michael J. McGeever, PGA 2004-11-30
Tommy W Spencer, PGA 2004-10-31
Ed Selser, PGA 2004-02-29
Lester Cook, PGA 2003-12-31
Kim Gianatsis, PGA 2003-06-30
Ronnie Benandi, PGA 2002-11-30
Teddy Sliman, PGA 2002-11-30
Sam Dunning, PGA 2002-08-31
Harold Burt, PGA 2002-05-31
William K. Caldwell Jr., PGA 2002-01-31
Steve Chaney, PGA 2001-06-30
Martin L. Stuart, PGA 2001-05-31
George Cascino, PGA 2000-08-31
Frank Gumpert, PGA 2000-08-31
Ben Freeman Jr., PGA 2000-06-30
George R. Digby Jr., PGA 2000-04-30
Larry Miller, PGA 2000-03-31
Bill Mullican, PGA 1999-08-31
Mickey Bradley, PGA 1998-11-30
Ken Lindsay, PGA 1998-03-31
Terry M Carlson, PGA 1997-12-31
James E. Gamblin Jr., PGA 1997-07-31
Denton Scott, PGA 1997-07-31
Ben Nelson, PGA 1996-12-31
Charlie Dugas, PGA 1995-12-31
Clyde W. Applewhite III, PGA 1994-09-30
Don Essig III, PGA 1992-01-02
Curley J. Romero, PGA 1991-03-01