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Our Mission


The Gulf States Section, Professional Golfers’ Association of America, is an association of golf professionals whose mission is to promote interest, participation, and enjoyment in the game of golf; establish and maintain professional standards of practice; and enhance the well being of golf professionals.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Establish a collegial and supportive environment among PGA Members, including:
    –Organized Competition
  • Encourage the use and employment of PGA Professionals by providing services to golfers and the golf industry.
  • Enhance the skill levels of members and apprentices through education.
  • Provide service to support National programs within the Section.
  • Promote enjoyment and participation in the game by providing programs and services to golfers.

The difference between the PGA Tour and The PGA of America:

The PGA Tour and The PGA of America were affiliated until 1968, when tournament players, a subset of the membership, broke away to form a Tournament Players Division and gain control of their finances and tournament schedule. The tournament players’ group was later renamed the PGA Tour in 1975. Both The PGA of America and PGATour continue today as allies in promoting the game.