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The Future of Coaching

Welcome to PGA.Coach

What is PGA.Coach?

PGA.Coach is designed to bring the American Development Model to the game of golf.  Every athlete is different, and therefore, every Coach should have the right skillset to teach the game and help every student become a life-long golfer.

Now is the time to start your journey with PGA.Coach training, and gain access to all of the tools you need to create passionate golfers who love the game – we are committed to helping our PGA Professionals in the Gulf States achieve the next step in their coaching journeys.

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Let’s Get Started

PGA.Coach training is quick and easy ensuring all PGA Professionals have access to the resources provided by the ADM, the PGA of America and other allied associations.  The approximate duration of PGA.Coach training is two hours – you can use any device and move along the training at your own pace.

  1. On-Line Training – PGA.Coach training is an interactive video training designed to give a deeper understanding of the Seven Stages of ADM, and how to incorporate them in to your facility plan.  The training session takes approximately two hours to complete.  Get Started 〉
  2. PGA.Coach App – Through the PGA.Coach App, PGA and LPGA Members can get access to activity planning, note taking and assessment tools that make it easy to quickly start applying ADM principles.
  3. Directory – The PGA.Coach Directory offers a national lookup of ADM approved programs including PGA Jr. League, Drive Chip & Putt, LPGA / USGA Girls Golf and the First Tee.  View the Directory 〉

Benefits of PGA.Coach

  • Teaching & Coaching – Provides coaches with tools to better teach and market their services to current and prospective clients.
  • Golf Operations – Plain and simple, we know driving more play to your facility is a key to creating a successful operation.  People who play better golf inherently play more golf – this comes with additional spending for other areas of the facility, too.
  • Executive Management – Ultimately, selling to and retaining the customers who enjoy their time on the golf course will create added value to any facility – we want to make sure we are intentional and open in all of these relationships.  Great coaching will retain customers and members who are able to develop those special relationships with their coach.

Why Use ADM for Teaching?

The American Development Model was designed by sports scientists to help support a lifetime affinity to sports, and to develop athletes to their greatest potential. These principles align physical and psychological development stages, delivering appropriate skills and exercise at the appropriate time.  Creating positive experiences early, will keep more players engaged and retained in our sport.  Learn More 〉