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Chapter Officer Election Guidelines

Gulf States PGA

Chapter Officer Election Guidelines


Chapter Officer elections will be held in conjunction with the Chapter Membership Meetings immediately following round 1 at the Chapter Championships.

Election candidacy start date is 30 days in advance of the election.

Nominations are now being accepted for Chapter Officers.  Elected Officers will serve 2-year terms beginning with their swearing-in during our Section Membership Meeting held in conjunction with the Six Pro Championship.

Candidate for Chapter Officer eligibility:

  • Gulf States PGA Member of respective Chapter, in good standing and active classification.
  • Candidates must have 1 “Second of Nomination” accompanying their Application.  Those seconding a nomination must be a Gulf States PGA Member in good standing.
  • Candidate applications must be submitted no later than 15 days prior to the election date by 5pm.
Any duly nominated candidate will be allowed the following campaign opportunities:
  • A standalone electronic communication to all Gulf States PGA professionals 10 days prior to the election.  (Content may be in a letter format or a video not to exceed 5 minutes in length)
  • A campaign speech immediately prior to the election not to exceed 5 minutes in length.  (Content may include a verbal, written or video presentation)If there are fewer than two nominees for any office at the time of election, oral nominations for such offices may be made from the floor.

Candidates will be asked to leave the meeting room during the voting process.  They will be accompanied by a staff member.

Only Gulf States PGA Members in active classifications and good standing are eligible to vote.  Associates, Inactive (including Life Members Retired) are not eligible to vote.

The voting process will be conducted electronically using a method determined by the Section.

The Chapter Honorary President will preside over the election.  In absence of the Chapter Honorary President, the most recent Chapter or Section Past President in attendance may preside.

The elected candidate will be sworn-in at our Section Membership Meeting held in conjunction with our Six Pro Championship (December) with our new slate of Section Officers.