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2024-25 Committees

Established to foster networking and camaraderie between Assistant Professionals and Associates in the Section. Key goals include:

  • Mentoring all Assistants working towards PGA Membership and setting positive examples for all aspiring PGA Professionals
  • Assist Associates with their education in the PGA/PGM program
  • Promote the Assistants Championship to maximize participation
  • To raise awareness of the PGA through community involvement in PGA REACH Gulf States


Committee Members:

Nate Kitson, Chair

The Special Awards Committee will establish policies and procedures for the Gulf States PGA Special Awards Program. With the assistance of the section staff they will promote participation of the overall membership by nominating fellow PGA professionals for special awards that celebrate specific areas of achievement through a professional’s previous employment year. The committee will select award winners by a majority vote and will also be engaged and determine the appropriate venue and format to celebrate the Awards Program.

Committee Members:
JT Crawford, Chair

The role of the Finance Committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization. Typical task areas include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

The Section Vice President shall serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Committee Members:
Matt Brunetz, Chair

The Hall of Fame Committee is responsible for recognizing those individuals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the Gulf States Section, the PGA of America and the game of golf.

The Hall of Fame Committee is also responsible for submitting Section Award winners for the respective National Award.  In the event a Section Special Award winner is not eligible for the National Award, they shall determine an applicant from previous Special Award winners who is eligible and ensure an application is submitted.

Committee Members:
Ed Selser, Chair
Russ Fransted
Mark Powell
Todd Robertson
Fred Schroeder
Jim Dorman
Jake Narro

The Membership Committee/Employment Committee is responsible for collaborating with committees, sections, special interest groups, and membership, Board and staff liaisons on key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.

The Section Secretary shall serve as Chair of the Membership Committee/Employment Committee.

Committee Members
Robbie Gueringer, Chair
Kevin Walls

To keep our Past President’s engaged and utilize their knowledge of Section history and leadership through the Council.

Council Members:

PGA REACH Gulf States is the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the Gulf States PGA. The mission of PGA REACH Gulf States is to positively impact the lives of youth, military, and diverse populations by enabling access to PGA Professionals, PGA Sections and the game of golf.

Committee Members:
Billy Holtz, Chair
Jake Narro

To organize and administer educational opportunities that train and develop golf professionals and to monitor PDR Member status and the effectiveness of these opportunities, while providing observations and recommendations.

To grow the game by helping Gulf States PGA Professionals and facility owners understand how to apply Coaching and Player Development Principles, promote ADM/ principles, grow PGA Junior League participation, and develop ideas for members to elevate their position(s) at their facilities during this industry growth.

Committee Members:
Marie Gateley, Professional Development Chair
Parker Brandt, Player Development Chair
Brandon Stooksbury

Mentoring Subcommittee: To organize and administer educational opportunities that train and mentor Associates and to monitor PGA PGM status and the effectiveness of these opportunities, while providing observations and recommendations.

Mentoring Subcommittee Members:
Adam Scott
Parker Brandt
Zach Tate

To represent our Senior (50+) members on the Tournament Committee, in Board Meetings, as well as Business Planning Meetings.

Committee Members:
Bill Baker, Chair

To evaluate, monitor and improve all aspects of tournament operations within the Gulf States Section. To provide Rules of Golf awareness and education to all GSPGA Section members and associates. To be accessible to section members for feedback concerning tournament operations and rule interpretations to provide accurate information at Committee Meetings.

The Tournament Committee will be made up of the Tournament Committee Chairperson (Section Vice President), both Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents, the Senior and the Assistant representatives, and two (2) at-large members selected by the President (one from Louisiana and one from Mississippi).

All Section tournament information, entry forms, and online registration links can be found on the Gulf States PGA website. All National tournament information can be found at

Committee Members:
Matt Brunetz, Chair (Vice President)
Marie Gateley (LA President)
Blake Hatfield (MS President)
Gavin Vegas (LA Vice President)
Rory Nelson (MS Vice President)
Bill Baker (Senior Rep)
Nate Kitson (Asst Rep)
Jon Howell (MS At-Large)
LA At-Large (LA At-Large)

Rules Subcommittee: The Rules of Golf define the Committee as the person or group in charge of a competition or the course. The Committee is essential to the proper playing of the game. Committees have the responsibility of running the course on a day-to-day basis or for a specific competition and they should always act in ways that support the Rules of Golf. This part of the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf guides Committees in fulfilling this role.

While many of the duties of a Committee are specific to running organized competitions, an important part of the Committee’s duties relates to its responsibility for the course during general or every day play.

Rules Subcommittee Members:
Mike Raby, Chair