Jabir Bilal To Represent District 3 In PGA LEAD Emerging Leaders


The PGA of America is pleased to announce that the following PGA Professionals have been chosen to participate in the PGA LEAD class of 2016-2017.

  • District 1 – Kori Doring, PGA
  • District 2 – Earl Cooper, PGA
  • District 3 – Jabir Bilal, PGA
  • District 4 – Michelle Murphy, PGA
  • District 5 – Ryan Reynolds, PGA
  • District 6 – Josue Reyes, PGA
  • District 7 – Archer Logan, PGA
  • District 8 – Dawn Neujahr, PGA
  • District 9 – Alice Plain, PGA
  • District 10 – Megan Padua, PGA/LPGA
  • District 11 – Robert Rescipio, PGA
  • District 12 – Jorge Diaz, PGA
  • District 13 – Anthony Stepney, PGA
  • District 14 – Howie Pruitt, PGA
  • Unaffiliated – Jeffrey Gutierrez, PGA

PGA LEAD was created by the PGA of America and its National Diversity & Inclusion Committee in an effort to identify, mentor and progress a dedicated group of PGA members from diverse backgrounds, who aspire to leadership roles within the Association, along a guided path. Integrating diversity and its vast array of personal dimensions into our leadership ranks will help position the PGA for success, as we embark on our next 100 years. The ultimate goal of PGA LEAD is to establish a deep bench of diverse PGA members who are prepared to ascend to and through the volunteer leadership ranks of the Association. In addition, PGA LEAD will assist in developing PGA members who desire to serve and make an impact on nonprofit boards within the communities where they work and live.

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