Hole In One Club

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List of Eligible Events

National Car Rental PGA Pro-Am Series

Bushnell/Sun Mountain Three Pro

ANTIGUA/Haas-Jordan Pro-Pro

Golf Cars of LA/Club Car LA PGA Championship

Ladd’s/Club Car MS PGA Championship

Gulf States PGA Professional Championship

E-Z-GO Section Championship

PING/Sterling Cut Glass Pro-Scratch

E-Z-GO Oliver Counce Six Pro

Current Participants

Obie Agbasi

Emlyn Aubrey

Bill Baker

Tim Basel

Chris Burkstaller

Leigh Brannan

Robert O. Brown

Steve Caldwell

David Church

Marvin Gray

Robbie Gueringer

Joseph Hanko

Reed Hughes

Bobby Jacks

Tyler Kuhn

David Lee

David Marchand

Smith Ourso

Blaine Patin

Russ Pitts

Mark Powell

Anthony Price

Kyle Ramey

Derek Sanders

Phil Schmitt

Derek Smith

Olly Thomson

Josh Tomblin

Clayton Wood