MSR Requirements


PGA Member Service Requirement Policy (goes into effect June 16, 2012)

Credit requirements will consist of two categories: (a) 54 Total Credits, (b) 36 of which must be from PGA Meeting/PGA Education and/or Golf 2.0/Player Development.

(a) Total Credits (54): A total of 54 credits must be earned, with at least 36 credits earned from the required category (PGA Meeting/PGA Education/Golf 2.0/Player Development), while the other means of obtaining credits toward the total requirement remain per the prior program. All credits for any category must be earned via activities that allow for automated crediting through PGA systems to streamline the administration of the Professional Development Program.

(b) PGA Meeting/PGA Education: The credit category for Meetings and PGA-delivered education (Chapter, Section, National) are now combined and all will be awarded one (1) credit per hour of participation. Other education provided by sources outside of The PGA will apply to the Total. This means that any gathering of members organized by a Section/Chapter or National, whether for governance, education, or both will be treated the same way. Therefore, a Section meeting that had three hours of business meeting and two hours of education that would have been credited six Meeting credits and two Education credits in the previous cycle will now be worth 5 PGA Meeting/PGA Education credits in the current proposal.

(b) Golf 2.0/Player Development: The credits for Golf 2.0/Player Development will be earned via the reporting of actual creation, activation and engagement of golfers into programming that supports Golf 2.0 initiatives and/or education and training on the strategic plan, its initiatives, and related program administration. Thus both green grass and non-green grass or executive level PGA members can meet the requirement by becoming knowledgeable about Golf 2.0, its strategic initiatives, and its programs.


Effective Date: June 16, 2012–June 15, 2015

Rules and Regulations for the Member Service Requirement (MSR), as defined by the Membership Committee:

1. One credit per hour of service or participation as defined by the chart below.

2. A Section may require that all Section and Chapter activities be approved in advance.

3. Based on previously approved activities, established guidelines and Section recommendations, the National Office will approve the credits to be awarded for a certain activity. The Board of Control will determine the number of credits in all disputes and the Board of Directors reserves the right to make modifications to the requirements.

4. A participant may receive compensation for an activity.

5. Fifty-four (54) credits are required for a three-year cycle; at least 36 from PGA Meeting/PGA Education/Golf 2.0/Player Development.



Total MSR per cycle = 54

Required Meeting/Education/Golf 2.0/Player Development Category = 36

· Section sanctioned = Approved by the Section Office/Section Board

· Nationally sanctioned = Approved by the PGA of America Membership Department, with counsel from the Board of Control as needed.

Golf 2.0 Conducting and Reporting Program Results:

1. Registering, promoting, conducting and reporting on Golf 2.0 Programs via PGA registration and reporting tools; examples include:

a. Get Golf Ready (2 credits per graduating class, minimum of three students per class)

b. Get Golf Ready 2 (3 credits per graduating class, minimum of three students per class)

c. Get Golf Ready Outings/Leagues (3 credits per reaching minimum thresholds)

d. PGA Sports Academy (2 credits per graduating class, minimum of three students per class)

e. Future Golf 2.0 Programs (Credits awarded in a manner equitable with a through d above)

Golf 2.0 Online Training:

2. Tutorials and Online Training completed via PGALinks to achieve full understanding and adoption by all members regarding the Association’s Strategic Plan.

a. Understanding the Strategic Plan

a. Know Your Customer

b. Deepen Engagement with Current Golfers

c. Connecting with Her

d. Welcome Back to Golf

e. Family Focus

f. Platinum Players

g. Building Blocks

h. Off Course Options

i. Drive for Diversity

j. I’m Ready to Play

k. Annual Updates

Online tutorials and training will be developed by the PGA Education and Player Development Departments. Tutorials and training online content will include video and written material as well as an assessment to gauge understanding and engagement will take approximately one hour to complete each tutorial/training session, thereby, earning one credit per completion. Future MSR cycles will include new opportunities as Golf 2.0 continues to roll out.

The Membership and Play Golf America Committees will continue to evaluate the credit structure.