The Gulf States PGA Foundation. In keeping with the mission of The PGA of America, the PGA Foundation is dedicated to providing resources, professional expertise and programs to make golf accessible to all segments of the population.

The Gulf States PGA Foundation’s priority is to grow the game of golf while using the game to enhance the quality of life for all people, especially for those who are under served by the game. Directly associated with golf programs are core values such as honesty, integrity, respect, self assurance, courtesy, and perseverance. Regardless of gender, age, social and economic background, ability or disability, every golfer can experience these values through their involvement in the game.

Funding Philosophies 

1. When formulating your request and considering your program’s future budget projections, it is important
to note that the GSPGA Foundation will not fund the entire budget of a program. Typically, the GSPGA
expects the applicant organization to contribute a percentage of the project’s expenses with their own
funds. Further, the GSPGA expects applicants to have a feasible plan for fiscal sustainability and an exit
strategy that outlines how the program will continue without GSPGA funding in subsequent years. These
plans typically include support from individuals, local organizations, other foundations, fundraisers and
the donation of in-kind services, as well as many other creative ideas.
2. The GSPGA will not fund a multi-year request for a first-time grant applicant. Either during or after the first cycle of successful programming, the applicant may submit a request for subsequent programming, including a multi-year request, through the regular application process.
3. The GSPGA strongly recommends that successive grant requests comprise a decreasing percentage of
the overall budget.
4. The GSPGA expects that the applicant has attempted to find the best possible prices for requested line
items through comparative shopping and negotiations.
The GSPGA places great emphasis on providing affordable golf course access to program participants both during
scheduled programming and after programming is concluded. If your program or project does not include a significant
experience for the participant in terms of golf instruction and does not provide affordable course access for participants, your request will be viewed much less favorably.

Bayou District Foundation Logo


Bayou District Foundation 

The Bayou District Foundation (BDF), a Louisiana non-profit, was created by a group of civic-minded New Orleans business and community leaders committed to revitalizing New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Our mission is to implement an innovative community re-development model – focused on education – which enables children and families to escape the cycle of poverty, build a thriving community, and live productive, healthy and fulfilling lives.

BDF is the non-profit partner leading the development of a mixed-income residential community on the site of the former St. Bernard Public Housing Development and surrounding neighborhood in Gentilly adjacent to New Orleans’ City Park. The new community, Columbia Parc at the Bayou District, is providing high quality affordable workforce housing and “cradle to college” educational resources including a state-of-the-art early learning center, a new K-8 charter school, and a new public high school in the Bayou District. Commercial and retail facilities, as well as a health clinic, are being developed within the site to provide “walkable” support services. Additionally, a new YMCA facility and the restoration of City Park’s golf facilities will provide recreational amenities and sustained funding to support Bayou District educational programs. These housing, education, recreation and economic development components will be fully integrated in a unique community redevelopment initiative that will make the Bayou District community a model for similar efforts in New Orleans and other areas across the country.