Louisiana Captures 2015 Mackel Cup

Mackel Cup 2015[3]

METAIRIE, La. – The Louisiana PGA team overtook their fellow Gulf States PGA Section members on the Mississippi PGA team with a conclusive score of 32.5 to 21.5 in this year’s Mackel Cup, an event inspired by the late Frank Mackel who was known as the “godfather of golf” in New Orleans . The tournament was co-hosted by Metairie Country Club and New Orleans Country Club on January 11-12, 2015.

The Louisiana PGA team took a commanding lead on day one earning 13 points to Mississippi’s 5 points. While it was a closer contest on day two, the Louisiana team continued to excel during the singles matches besting Mississippi 19.5 points to 16.5 points.


Craig Campo served as the captain of the Louisiana PGA team which included Bobby Jacks, J.T. Crawford, Craig Trahan, Jake Narro, Reg Adams, Obie Agbasi, Phillip Wright, Cory Cooper, Tyer Kuhn and Daniel Preston.

Captained by Steven Driggers, the Mississippi team consisted of Olly Thomson, Tim Yelverton, Chris Harder, Joseph Hanko, Quincy Morrison, Bryant Himes, Tim Basel, Leigh Brannan, Cliff Bailey, Marshall Saxon and Kevin Kelly.


The players for each team were determined by the Chapter Player of the Year Points standings. The teams participated in fourball matches during the first day of the event held at Metairie Country Club, followed by singles matches on the final day of competition at New Orleans Country Club. One point was awarded for winning each 9 as well as the top overall score, with a possible total of three points per day.


The Gulf States Section PGA would like to thank David Marchand and Metairie Country Club as well as J.T. Crawford and New Orleans Country Club for hosting this year’s event. The Section also thanks Jeff Morici with Nike Golf for providing the team uniforms and tee gifts. In addition, the Section thanks Mike Rodrique and the Acme Oyster House for hosting the players’ party. The Section offers a special thank you to Ronnie Benandi, a longtime associate of Frank Mackel, for serving as honorary starter.