Deepwater Horizon Update from The PGA of America


The United States District in New Orleans entered an Order on December 21, 2012, granting Final Approval to the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement.  If you live, work, or own property in the Gulf Coast area and suffered an economic loss due the Deepwater Horizon Incident, you may be a member of the Economic Class covered by the settlement and may file a claim for your loss.  The Deepwater Horizon Claims Center maintains a court-authorized website that describes the Settlement, who is included, and how to file a claim.  You may access the site at

We spoke to the Claims Center and they said they would be pleased to answer questions from PGA members.  The website includes information on how to contact the Claims Center by phone or email. The Claims Center emphasized April 22, 2014, is the deadline for filing a claim.

In addition, potential claimants may contact the Lead Class Counsel and Economic Class Counsel for free assistance.  The Lead Class Counsel and Economic Class Counsel are attorneys appointed by the Court to represent the common interests of the Economic Class as a whole.  Lead Class Counsel are James P. Roy and Stephen Herman.  The website contains the list of Economic Class Counsel.  If you would like to contact Lead Class Counsel, you can call them at 1-855-359-2327, email them at, or visit them at 935 Gravier Street, 20th Floor, New Orleans, LA.

Claimants have the option of receiving their award as a single lump sum payment or multiple payments spread over a period of two or years (the “Structured Settlement Option”).  If claimants are considering electing or would like to learn more about receiving payment through the Structured Settlement Option, they must contact a Court-approved structured settlement broker.  The Court-approved settlement brokers will provide at no charge information regarding structured settlements, payment amounts, and payment schedules.  The Deepwater Horizon Claims Center website contains additional information about the Structured Settlement Option, including the names and addresses of the court-approved structured settlement brokers.  This information is contained at

We hope this information is helpful.   The PGA of America regrets any Deepwater Horizon losses suffered by PGA professionals and their businesses.