The PGA’s Program Manager

The PGA’s Program Manager built on ACTIVE Works is not a “nice-to-have” for your golf programs—it’s a “must-have.” Why?

The fully integrated and automated online registration and payment tool enables you to drive more revenue in ways that simply aren’t possible using pen-and-paper or less robust systems:

Allow golfers to register easily at their own convenience (not only during pro shop hours)

Collect fees in advance to reduce no-shows

Reach over 9 million active-minded participants beyond the golfing community

Incentivize golfers with coupon codes and automatic discounts

The PGA’s Program Manager helps you do all of this, and more. And it’s a free benefit to you as a PGA member.

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Helpful Tools:

Program Manager one pager

Learn about the powerful registration, marketing, and management tools that will help you drive more revenue for your golf programs.


Program Manager webinar

Learn how to take advantage of the growing demand for player development programs with Program Manager.

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